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FIG Certificate compulsory for all Apparatus


FIG – Apparatus Norms as at October 2014:

Purpose and Principles

The purpose of these Apparatus Norms is first, to have equivalent apparatus

at all competitions. It is essential for the competitors to have the same,

optimal conditions for the preparations for competitions and at competitions

all over the World. This is necessary for practical reasons, for competition

fairness and comparison and for safety.

All apparatus used at official FIG events; the Olympic Games and the World

Games must have a valid FIG Certificate. This Certificate will be issued by

the FIG, provided the apparatus has been tested successfully.

The controlled certification by the FIG and the testing procedures guarantee,

that the Apparatus Norms are respected. With the Diplomas issued by the

FIG, a partnership between the FIG and the apparatus manufacturers is


Validity of the Apparatus Norms

FIG Certificate compulsory for all Apparatus

These Apparatus Norms were decided by the FIG Executive Committee at its

meeting on 2013, November and are valid as of 1st January 2014.

They replace all previous editions as well as all previous decisions and

publications regarding apparatus norms from the Executive Committee,

Technical Committees and the Apparatus Commission of the FIG.

They are compulsory for all FIG events, as well as at the Olympic Games,

World Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Pan-American Games,

University Games and other multi-sport Games with International participation.

At all those events, no apparatus which does not have a valid FIG Certificate

may be used.

The FIG strongly recommends that at all other national and international

events, organised independently by its member federations or unions, only

apparatus which have a valid FIG Certificate may be used.

At international events, apparatus without a valid FIG Certificate may only be

used provided all participating member federations have agreed in writing and

bear the full responsibility and liability for the use of such uncertified apparatus.

The FIG waives all responsibility in the cases where apparatus without a valid

FIG Certificate are used.